Jim and Toni Harker


Jim and Toni Harker

My wife and I have both been enjoying the Tri-City Wellness  Center for about a year. We live in Solana Beach so it is about a 20 minute drive for us.  The pool and the pool programs have been so outstanding that it has been worth the drive for us.  We belong to a gym in Solana Beach which we use for floor workouts.  It has no pool. 

The variety of pool programs combined with the many excellent instructors makes for a perfect fit for almost anyone.  The facility, itself, is so modern and well thought out that one feels they are a member of a country club.  Tri-City Wellness has truly enriched our lives and made us healthier and fitter people.

COVID-19 Update | Temporary Center Closure

While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 among both members and staff, Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center is temporarily closed to reduce risks related to the spread of COVID-19.