Revati Berthelet


Revati Berthelet

Pilates Trainer


Pilates Bio

Revati has been a Physical Therapist for 40 years. She was a competitive athlete in Gymnastics, Diving, Water Skiing, Track and Racquetball. She is a certified yoga teacher and aquatics trainer.  In 2000, she began her Pilates training. She used Pilates mat and Aquatics to help rehabilitate her shoulder after surgery in 2012. Revati incorporates her knowledge of Physical Therapy into her role as a Pilates Trainer. She is passionate to help each person and all levels of fitness obtain a healthful level of wellness through a regular practice of Pilates.


Aqua Bio

Revati, Robin, Berthelet has been an Aquatic Orthopedic Physical Therapist for 25 years.  Most of her work experience has been with spinal fusions, total hip replacements and shoulder post operative rehabilitation.  She is certified in Aquatic Exercise through AEA as well as being Aqua Logix equipment certified. Revati has also studied Watsu, Myofascial aquatic therapy, and orthopedic spinal rehabilitation. Along with her Aquatic training, Revati has a strong Pilates background which gives her a well rounded knowledge of the body and how to create a workout that will help each individual client to recover from injury and gain the strength and endurance they are looking for.



Pre and post surgical Pilates rehab: ortho total joints, spinal fusions, rotator cuff, osteoporosis, sports injury, spinal dysfuction, balance training, yoga and aquatic therapy



  • California State Licensed Physical Therapist 2000-2020 
  • BS, Physical Therapy Ohio State University  
  • Comprehensive Pilates Training: 1,000 hours
  •  Certified Barre Teacher 
  • Certified Yoga Teacher (5 times over 29 years)