Holly O’Neill


Holly O’Neill

Aquatics Coordinator


Holly O’Neill has been working in the fitness industry for over thirty years.  A native New Yorker, she moved cross country in the late ‘80’s, and has been enjoying life in southern California ever since.  She has worked at several fitness facilities throughout the Carlsbad area including La Costa Resort and Spa, the Olympic Resort, PureFitness Carlsbad, Crunch, Tri-City Wellness and Fitness Center, as well as some private corporate fitness facilities.  She holds a National Aquatics certification through the United States Water Fitness Association, as well as several certifications specific to senior fitness through the Silver Sneakers organization. She is currently working on becoming a certified ‘Roll Model’ trainer to help clients use self massage to heal injury and imbalances throughout the body.

Holly’s goal as a fitness professional has been shifting over the past ten years from a focus on working on how the body looks to how the body feels and performs.  Her aim is to help people feel their best and avoid injury through mindful movement and knowledge of how their bodies work. The water is the perfect environment for a safe and effective workout, as the buoyancy takes jarring impact away while the resistive properties of the water help to strengthen muscles.


  • Training in Hydroworx underwater treadmill
  • Buoyancy training
  • Senior fitness


  • USWF Association
  • SilverSplash
  • SilverSneaker Classic
  • BOOM Muscle
  • BOOM Move
  • BOOM Mind
  • Roll Model