Hannah Wilson


Hannah Wilson

Personal Trainer/ Medical Integration Instructor

 Hannah Wilson is a fun-loving and empathetic individual who is passionate about embracing what the human body can do to enjoy life. She has a specific interest in analyzing and correcting muscular imbalances, creating fun ways to work on balance, and strengthening for knee injury prevention and rehabilitation.

She is passionate about healthy living and helping people achieve their personal goals. Having been through her fair share of injuries, she knows what it is like to start from scratch and work hard to achieve goals. She absolutely loves working with people; She believes everyone has a unique story and special gifts that are unlike anyone else.  She wants to get to know YOU and what your passion is so she can help you achieve those goals.


  • NASM CES- Corrective Exercise Specialist


  • BS Applied Exercise Science. Azusa Pacific University


  • Corrective Exercise
  • Post Rehab Exercise
  • Gait Analysis


“She has a beautiful personality, heart of gold and a smile to encourage me through anything physically or medically in my life.  She’s creative in our sessions together making them very challenging and fun at the same time. I have overcome being afraid of working out, to ‘let’s go!”

If you have any questions regarding our nationally certified personal training team, please contact travis.mcroberts@activewellness.com