Georgi Gilbert


Georgi Gilbert

Fitness Specialist

I have always loved adventure and sports for as long as I can remember. My journey into fitness first began when I was introduced to volleyball by a next door neighbor who happened to coach volleyball, then I was hooked. I proceeded to play competitively both beach and indoor for 8 years. Volleyball taught me many valuable lessons. It open my eyes up to how amazing the mind is and what it takes to change your mindset to meet goals. I also learned how important it is to treat your body with respect and take proper care of it.

I witnessed and experienced a lot of injuries and setbacks through my athletic career due to lack of knowledge and care. This is what started my passion for the corrective exercise and injury prevention discipline of kinesiology. I love to teach people how they can prevent such setbacks in their own lives and fuel their body correctly. Health is not just what you see on the outside.  It is made up of what’s going on inside of you whether that be emotionally, nutritionally or physically.

My dream is to be able to help people with fitness from a multidimensional approach to help them achieve their highest potential while feeling healthy as well. I am currently studying kinesiology at Mira Costa. I plan to transfer to CSU San Marcos and complete the rest of my degree there.


  • Student at Mira Costa