Ariel Gillespie


Ariel Gillespie

Massage Therapist


Ariel has completed over 1000 hours of training to receive her Holistic Health Practitioner Certification.  She attended Southern California School of Massage, New College of California and International School of Professional  Bodyworkers. Her addendum hours of education includes: Aromatherapy, Craniosacral Therapies, Stone Massage, Lymphatic Massage and Homeopathy. Exposure and hours in: Herbology, Nutrition, Prenatal/Infant Massage.



Ariel feels she has gained refinement of her skills by lots of practice; with a little over three decades of hands-on time. She also had the privilege to teach and share what she has learned with students. Ariel has added to her experience by working alongside Chiropractors, with patients coming from car accidents, sports, dance, work, and other strain injuries. Ariel’s approach to the client is from a therapeutic point of view encompassing: work conditions, movement patterns, current stress levels, lifestyle, level of fitness, emotional health and the body/mind connection. The modalities incorporated are Swedish Massage, Acupressure, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point, PNF, Sports Massage, stretches, and energy work. She has refined target therapies like TMJ release, psoas, and quadratus lumborum release.



Ariel specializes in assessment, neck and shoulder girdle strategies, low back problems; as well as, strains due to daily wear and tear from office and computers. Her back, neck and shoulder therapies are designed to release, relax and restore.