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Pilates has become part of my fitness routine for over two years and I love it! I
realized a few years ago that I couldn’t sustain my health without investing more in
exercise. A daily two hr. commute and a full time job was starting to affect me
physically: low back pain, tight shoulders and stiffness. You get the picture! I started
working with a personal trainer and going to yoga classes, but was curious about
that room with the “strange” equipment, which my sister described as medieval
looking. I was fortunate to meet Marianne for an introduction to Pilates using the
Reformer. I was hooked and continued with private and group sessions. Marianne
provided me with a strong foundation in Pilates. Thank you!

Today, I have the pleasure to train with both Diego and Miara. They, like Marianne,
are great at encouraging me to work to my potential and at the same time they make
the training sessions fun! After a long day it is often tough to go to a training session
at 7:00 pm, but I always feel better after. Last year I had major surgery and credit
Pilates for a fast recovery. Pilates provides me with an opportunity to continually
improve my strength, flexibility and balance. I hope to practice it for many years to