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I am asked all the time “how many days a week should I do Pilates to notice a difference?”  Though I can not say specifically for each body what that answer is, the equation above addresses this concept.  The body changes and responds to the effort placed upon it. Skeletal muscle changes under tension and neural adaptation occurs with repeated muscle activation (consistency).  Committing to a program at least 2-3 days a week over an extended period of time is the only way to see real change. In Pilates the change is not simply having flat abs or tightening up the lose skin at the back of the upper arm.  Change is creating a body that has dynamic strength, flexibility and mobility. These factors make us feel (and actually be) stronger and healthier.

The Pilates department is committed to helping you meet and obtain your goals and provides several different options to get your 2-3 days a week of Pilates in.  First, we have added two new instructors this year to provide more access to semi and private training at various times of the day and various days of the week. Second, we have increased the number of group training sessions offered, and offer them on varying days and at different skill levels.  We highly encourage people to check out different classes and different instructors to challenge their bodies. A schedule of our group semi-private Reformer classes is available outside the Studio or here.  Lastly, we always encourage people to visit one of the many mat classes we have available in the Mind Body Studio to add that third day of the week, or if time or cost is a concern.

If you are ready to invest the time and consistency to make change in your body please contact Janice Lotwin, Pilates Coordinator, at for more information.