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Pilates and Back Pain Active Education

Join Revati Berthelet for an informative workshop on strengthening the back with Pilates! Revati has had great success as a physical therapist at treating back pain caused by various injuries and conditions. This movement session will help attendees learn how to use their legs in coordination with back extensors and abdominal muscles. Event will take place on Thursday, October 17, at 12PM in the Conference Room. Complimentary for Members. RSVP at Service Desk. 24 maximum, refreshments served, please bring your own mat.



We are often contacted by people who suffer from back pain and have been told they need to strengthen their core to decrease their it. A strong transverse abdominus (lowest layer of abdominals) certainly helps create pelvic stability and facilitates more efficient movement in our daily lives as well as workouts, however, back pain is a very nebulous problem and can stem from many causes.

Back pain is typically experienced in the lumbar (lower) spine and can be a by product of restriction in movement of other parts of our bodies. Often it is tight hamstrings or lack of mobility in the thoracic (rib cage) spine or maybe even restriction in the ankle that is the root of the problem. The restriction then leads to a compensation pattern which over time leads to a deformation of the tissues (either too much movement or too much stress) and eventually leads to pathology and ultimately pain. Not to say that all back pain follows this model but considering that 90% of all adults in the U.S. will experience at least one episode of low back pain in their life, there is likely a great number of people that this applies to.

The Pilates Method was created as a whole body system that moves the spine in all directions it can move as well as uniformly develops muscles. Pilates focuses on alignment, congruency, fluidity, efficiency, balance of movement, and control. When we work with those qualitative measures of movement, we automatically address restrictions and decrease the likelihood of compensation leading to pain. Starting and maintaining a Pilates practice is a wonderful preventative measure.

 Our Pilates Instructor, Revati Berthelet, is a physical therapist and has had great success treating back pain with Pilates.  By balancing the strength, flexibility and alignment of the legs in coordination with the strength of the back extensors and abdominal muscles, symmetry is obtained and functional movement of daily life is accomplished with greater ease.  Revati will be holding an Active Education workshop on this subject on Thursday October 17th at 12pm. Sign up at the front desk for this workshop.

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