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Pilates Men’s Month

Guys, did you know?

Many men poke their heads into the Pilates Studio to take a look at the equipment and get intimidated.  It seems foreign or scary or looks like it won’t be challenging enough. We are happy to report that none of those are true.  Pilates was originally created by a man for male soldiers during World War 1. Core strength, flexibility, balance, uniform development and efficient movement patterns are all hallmarks of Pilates training and highly relevant to men’s fitness.

The Pilates method is very integrative and emphasizes developing strength at the center of the body (core) to help stabilize movement in other parts.  This can be especially beneficial for men whose workouts often emphasize a part-by-part approach to muscle development (ie. it’s leg and back day!)

Pilates also addresses a lack of flexibility that many men experience.  The ability to work on strength, balance and flexibility through the Pilates method makes it the ultimate functional fitness, cross training tool.

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Pilates Open House

Interested in checking out the Studio?  We are having an Open House on Saturday, August 24, at 12 PM geared towards men.  Our instructor, Diego Schoch, will be introducing you to the benefits of Pilates for men and providing complimentary demos on the equipment. 

8 person max,  refreshments served, RSVP at the Service Desk.

A special 10% discount on one 10 session package will be available to event attendees only.*

*New clients only