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March MATness

Every March, Pilates enthusiasts across the globe share their love for the work in a synchronized media campaign. MARCH MATness is inspired by the original photography from Joseph Pilates book “Return to Life Through Contrology” and was created in March 2013 to spark conversations around Pilates mat work. It honors the classical sequence and order that Joe created.

According to Joe, his system was created to uniformly develop all the muscles in the body and therefore he was specific about the order and number of times each movement was performed. Joe was also strict about not sacrificing knowledge of the work for speed and professed that a foundational understanding of Pilates took time to build but could change one’s life.

Do you love Pilates at the Center? Please follow @tricitywellness on Instagram and/or Facebook to see our MARCH MATness series.  If you are a Pilates enthusiast, please post a photo of yourself doing your favorite mat exercise with the hastags #tricitywellness and #marchmatness. Earn a drawing ticket to win a Pilates prize package each time you post with the hastags, or like, comment, and tag friends in our March MATness posts. If you have never tried Pilates mat work before, please check the schedule online/the MindBody app, or outside the Mind Body Studio.  We offer various times and levels of classes every day that are included in membership.

Lastly, if you are interested in learning more about the Pilates Studio and the equipment work please contact our Pilates Coordinator, Janice Lotwin, at janice.lotwin@activewellness.com

COVID-19 Update | Temporary Center Closure

While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 among both members and staff, Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center is temporarily closed to reduce risks related to the spread of COVID-19.