Pilates Member News February 2019 Active Education, News & Events

Valentines Day Studio Open House

Thursday 2.14.19 at 1pm (Pilates Studio)

Join Maira for our Pilates Studio Open House and enjoy some sweet treats and information about our Pilates program.

Space is limited, please sign up at the Service Desk. If you have questions, contact the department manager, Rebecca Raiza at


Pilates Active Education: Lengthen While You Strengthen

DATE – Wednesday 2.27.19

TIME – 5pm

LOCATION – Conference Room

COST – Complimentary

INSTRUCTOR – Lisa-Anne French

Strengthen & Lengthen your muscles through Pilates.  Come find out more about Pilates and why you want to add it to your fitness routine.  You will get a little history and some great introductory exercises to get you excited about starting a Pilates Practice.

Pilates focuses on developing whole body strength with a focus on the core and ways of moving that can be integrated into everyday life. Pilates helps to combat tech neck/head, forward head syndrome, and back soreness/injury.  

Pilates teaches exercises that can help improve posture, and create long, lean muscles to help protect against injury.  No one knows the core like a Pilates Instructor.

For more information contact

Complimentary, 10 participant max, please bring your own mat and register at Service Desk.


What is small group reformer training?

Our Pilates Studio here at Tri-City Wellness and Fitness Center is unique and different from most, in that our small group trainings, are limited to 2-4 people. We are excited to launch this months schedule of small group reformer training sessions.

What are the benefits of small group training?

Personalized attention from the trainer:  In our small group training sessions, the instructor can provide feedback on form, make any adaptations needed for the exercise and help you gain a deeper understanding of the work.

Social interaction and accountability: Working out with others can be fun and motivating and create a sense of camaraderie, helping you stay consistent in your practice.

More affordable: Small group training is more economical than privates session, allowing you to stay consistent and even practice more frequently.

We offer a variety of small group reformer training ranging from Beginner Reformer, Gentle to Intermediate, Pilates for Athletes, and an Express Class. All group sessions require scheduling, either prior Pilates reformer experience or a demo session with one our trainers.

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