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Congratulations Randy Wright!

When I joined the Center in 2014, it came at the time of my retirement from the corporate world. There I spent a lot of time working from my office chair or on an airplane. Even when the company provided an gym membership, I never took advantage of it. I also had two hip replacements. 

Then, my manager, Anne Galdos, who was also retiring from the company recommended that I sign up for a membership at Tri-City Wellness as she had done. At that point, my goals included losing about 40-45 pounds, changing my eating habits and committing to some regular group exercise. So first I joined Weight Watchers which gave me a formula and framework for losing weight. There I learned that the best predictor of maintaining a desirable weight as a lifestyle change beyond an eating plan was to follow a regular exercise program.  So then I joined- not only for the fitness component, but for the member camaraderie. I am happy to say that I participate in Tri-City exercise classes at least 6 days a week and many times twice a day. I have met some really positive, friendly people at Tri-City and the classes provide a productive base for my day. 

Upward and Onward!