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Mi Neuro

The Medical Integration Neuro-Parkinson’s Disease program implements evidence-based medical exercise to help those with Parkinson’s through specialized fitness programs. The goals of Mi Neuro are to utilize exercise as a means of helping to promote improved brain function which may slow the progression of Parkinson’s. This class is taught by nationally certified trainers Tuesday through Friday at various times (see schedule on reverse) in the Group Fitness Studio and is open to all fitness levels.

Additional program benefits include:

    • Initial and ongoing fitness assessments to track progress
    • Guest speakers and special events
    • Forced Cadence on Recumbent Bicycles
    • Balance and Posture classes weekly
    • Dance for Parkinson’s classes weekly
    • Mi Neuro Shadowboxing classes weekly
    • Tai Chi, Chair Yoga, Indoor Cushioned Track, and Warm Water Pools are all beneficial to Parkinson’s and included in the program
    • A supportive and motivating community
    • Full membership to Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center for you and your care partner
    • Includes 8 classes monthly

To learn more about this program or to sign up call or email us today!

760.931.3127 | susan.webster@activewellness.com

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Before Your First Day: 

1. Email your healthcare provider or ask us to fax them a Physician’s Clearance Form

2.  Complete online Health History Questionnaire

3. Call us today to book your initial physical assessment and get started


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“The Mi Neuro program really addresses movements and exercise to help slow the progression of Parkinson’s Disease. I wouldn’t be where I am now without the expertise of the Mi team.”
—Gary K., Mi Neuro member

“I’ve just recently celebrated my one year of recovery from Guillain Barre Syndrome.  I am so grateful for the team of professionals who have helped me along the way, of which I include my participation in the medical integration programs as part of this very special group that helped me get this far.  I’ve spoken very highly to my physical therapists about how wonderful the Mi programs are at Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center (including Mi Neuro!).  One of my therapists is considering joining.  I can’t say enough about what you all have done for me and for others at the Center.
As you may recall, I arrived in February in a wheelchair with a caregiver.  Today I’m making plans to travel the world, chasing my children, driving wherever I please, and much more.  I am so appreciative and grateful for how far I’ve come in this journey. 
While paralyzed laying in my hospital bed, I promised myself I would travel the world and say yes if anyone wants to go do something fun.   I’m keeping that promise to myself by traveling extensively over the next few months.  Thank you for all that you do!”
-Trudy W., Mi Neuro member
COVID-19 Update | Temporary Center Closure

While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 among both members and staff, Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center is temporarily closed to reduce risks related to the spread of COVID-19.