Mi Strength

Medical Integration

Mi Strength

This program offers small group training led by nationally certified trainers to support those with diabetes, cancer, chronic illness with fatigue, as well as deconditioned individuals. We are also currently considering future programming for women’s health. Individual progressive resistance training programs assist in promoting bone health, muscle mass increase, and improved joint integrity. Strength training is the foundation of greater independence and a better quality of life. Increased strength is associated with shorter recovery times, reduced physical and emotional stress, and less susceptibility to recurring illness.

Additional Program Benefits Include:

    • Initial and ongoing fitness assessments to track progress
    • Monthly nutrition lectures and/or guest speaker
    • Mobility/Stability classes weekly
    • Proper exercise technique instruction on a wide variety of equipment
    • An increase in bone density and grip strength
    • A supportive and motivating group environment
    • Full membership to Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center

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“I had to up my game and increase my exercise opportunities at Tri-City Wellness Center… Diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis a condition I cannot get better from and a progressive disorder really changed the whole game… I took advantage of the trainers, the pools  and tried everything I could….Then I noticed Medical Integration – It was everything I needed – incentive, commitment, and expertise… I progressed w Jeremy into Mi Strength and I cannot say enough about it… I’ve noticed dramatic results after just 4 months…My strength and my core have improved, my posture has improved, my low back pain is gone and my quad strength is so much better! This allows me better balance to keep me from tripping… More importantly, its the commitment from the trainers, they are so enthusiastic, so knowledgeable, and have great attention to detail… I depend on them… I benefit from working out with other people going through issues also because we encourage each other…The Proof is in the pudding, I saw my neurologist recently and he was absolutely amazed at the increase in my leg strength and my ability to walk…The is my home away from home. This is my reason for getting up off the couch and getting out of bed in the mornings on many days…Thank you Tri-City Wellness Center for Medical Integration. I encourage everybody to look into it. You have everything to gain!”

-Sally MacAllister; MI strength participant