Mi Ortho

Medical Integration

Mi Ortho

The Medical Integration Ortho program is designed to guide people who have recently completed physical therapy and are looking to continue a program to maintain their progress or to any individual with any musculoskeletal injury. Mi Ortho offers personalized group programming which can help promote improved joint integrity and increased bone density with the ultimate goal of helping you become fit! Classes are available on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. in the Group Fitness Studio and is open to all fitness levels..

Additional Program benefits include:

      • Initial and ongoing fitness assessments to track progress
      • Guest speakers and special events
      • Balance and Posture classes offered weekly
      • Strengthening of targeted muscle groups around injured areas
      • Increased strength and stamina
      • Greater joint integrity and flexibility
      • A supportive and motivating group environment
      • Full membership to Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center
      • Includes 8 classes monthly


To learn more about this program or to sign up call or email us today!

760.931.3127 | susan.webster@activewellness.com

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Before Your First Day: 

1. Email your healthcare provider or ask us to fax them a Physician’s Clearance Form

2.  Complete online Health History Questionnaire

3. Call us today to book your initial physical assessment and get started



“The Mi Ortho program is a hidden gem at TCW&FC! Since I have joined this program, I have stayed out of physical therapy and made huge strides in my strength.”
—Cathy M. in Mi Ortho


COVID-19 Update | Temporary Center Closure

While there are currently no known cases of COVID-19 among both members and staff, Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center is temporarily closed to reduce risks related to the spread of COVID-19.