May ’19 Member of the Month – Jumi Seiler Member of the Month, News & Events

Congratulations Jumi Seiler!

“My wellness journey started in 2015 when I first became a member at Tri-City Wellness & Fitness. I never had a particular goal in mind when I first started working out other than to stay healthy and for stress management. I didn’t take myself too seriously at the start but I was surprised to see how well the body can be conditioned to do certain activities with consistency and just by showing up everyday. I think that’s when I started working out seriously and being a more health-conscious person. Throughout the years, I’ve learned to respect and appreciate my body for its functionality, and I’m excited to see where I can be mentally and physically in a few years.

The staff members at the Center are extremely nice and personable. The gym is beautiful and there’s something to do here for everyone of all ages. What I love most about this gym is that it provides a comfortable space for everyone to workout however they want. When I first started working out, I just remember avoiding the treadmill for so long. These days, I’ve really incorporated running into my life and was surprised to see how my body adapted fairly quickly and how much I actually enjoyed it. I think becoming a better runner is a huge fitness goal of mine so even though I still have a long way to go, I find that where I’m at now in this process is a huge accomplishment for me.  Aside from having fitness endeavors, I also feel like investing in my health is what really motivates me to come here every day”