May ’19 Employee of the Month – Quintel Brooks Fitness, Massage

Congratulations Quintel Brooks, on our Spa & Fitness Teams!

Quintel has been such a positive and influential addition to our team. In the one and a half years he’s been here he has grown a very strong and dedicated client base. He really connects with his clients and they have so much respect for him, and he them. It’s been very rewarding watching him grow and build his business. In the time he’s been here he has also set goals for himself outside of Massage. He has successfully trained and competed in Mixed Martial Arts and has also attained his Personal training certification, which he is now able to bring to the Fitness Floor at the Center.  Quintel always has a big smile on his face (as long as he gets to visit the CafĂ©) and brings such a fun and positive attitude to everyone he comes in contact with. We are lucky to have him as part of our family! Yay Q!!