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Congratulations, Brett & Amy Nalder!

We started our Fitness Journey “together” in 2003, when we met at the gym where Amy worked the front desk/sales. The biggest motivating factor that encourages us to remain healthy and active is not only to feel good but to set a good example for our two kids (Brody, 6 & Elin, 2). We strive to show them what a healthy lifestyle looks like and how important it is to focus on physical activity and healthy eating. Our kids see us eating veggies, setting fitness goals and they are immediately more interested and want to do the same. Our favorite aspect of training at Tri-City since 2014 is without a doubt, the staff, childcare, and members.   

The low turnover, engaged, and consistent staff has created a sense of belonging and desire to come to the Center.  Our kids are always excited about coming to Kidz In MotionThey come out each day excited to share their art with us or tell us about a fun game they played. It is a great feeling knowing they are safe and having fun which allows us as parents to get an hour or two to ourselves doing something we enjoy. We find this invaluable as parents of young kids.  There are too many Kidz In Motion staff to mention by name – YOU ALL ARE AMAZING!!!!

Additionally, the Training Staff is amazing @ Tri-City, Amy has worked with several of trainers at the facility and has seen great results from all of them, especially Summer who has helped Amy overcome serious injury while regaining the confidence to lift heavy weights.  Under Summer’s guidance, Amy has almost gotten back to her Pre-Children weight which was one of her goals. This journey with Summer also includes overcoming the pain and limitations that come with a herniated disc & sciatica (along with some excellent help from Quintel, Travis, and others) which was a completely debilitating experience for her.  

As parents of young children, our level of fitness impacts all aspects of our lives. Staying active allows Brett to coach Brody’s Little League Team (Baseball is a huge part of our lives – GO DODGERS), Amy to be super active with the kids, and the family to stay active together spending time doing activities like biking, surfing, and hiking the trails at Torrey Pines State Park.  Both of us have experienced back/hip pain so we understand the limitations and stress that not feeling 100% has on our lives. Because of these injuries, we have both been more motivated than ever to focus on strength training and conditioning. As mentioned above, we value our health a great deal (“it’s motivating for us to be motivated”) and we to try and instill this in our children.  We are very thankful for our relationship with Tri-City and all the wonderful people who work here. There are dozens of members and staff that have positively impacted our lives and our children’s lives and we hope to be members for decades to come.   


Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center is open to the public and welcomes first-time, local guests with a complimentary 3 day pass that can be requested HERE.