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February Theme Weeks 

Feb 2   Zoo Animals Week 1 

Feb 9    Valentines Week 2 

Feb 16   Presidents Week 3 

Feb 23  Days at the Beach Week 4 


Kids Yoga

Children from 5 through 12 years old are invited to join in the fun and benefits of Yoga class. Yoga can offer children better focus, improved flexibility, more energy, less stress and increased self esteem. And…it’s fun.

The Saturday class theme for January and February will be love. Heart opening poses such as cobra and camel will be the focus, and a themed craft at the end of class.
Friends can participate for $6. (Friend’s parent must remain on site). Please bring your own yoga mat.


“​When children become actively involved in acts of showing compassion to others, they learn about this value in a very deep and enduring way. Most children can learn about true compassion by seeing and feeling this trait acted out.  When you have a chance to practice a random act of compassion, let’s do it!!”


More Convenience- Coming Soon

Families new to Kidz in Motion will soon be able to complete electronic Playcare Agreements inside Kidz in Motion (online option available now)  Also, be on the lookout: select monthly Childcare Membership and Drop In cash-free payments will also be able to be processed inside Kidz in Motion soon.


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