January ’20 Employee of the Month Employee of the Month, News & Events

Congratulations to Nick Neidiffer, Administrative Assistant!  Nick has been a team member for over 2 years, starting at the Café and having been promoted to Café Lead.  We appreciate his wide skill set, and welcomed him to the Administrative Office last summer.  

Nick is proactive, anticipating department needs and always conducting himself in a very professional manner. He often takes the initiative to learn and complete extra tasks without being asked.  Nick is reliable and responsive to requests, supporting our entire management team.  We truly appreciate Nick‘s creativity and willingness to think outside the box when troubleshooting anything from a disconnected Screenscape program, to fitting 3 donation drives into one flyer, to identifying a model and manufacturer on a corroded shower handle. 

Nick is a valued team member, and we are grateful for all he does to enhance the member and team experience!