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Nutrition Coaching Packages

Nutrition Coaching Packages With Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center’s Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Available to Members and Non-Members

Initial Consultation and Follow Up Package 
The initial consultation and follow up session are the first steps in creating an individualized course of action for achieving your unique health and nutrition goals.

Initial Consult:

  • Approximately 60 minutes with the dietitian reviewing your current health status, dietary habits, wellness goals, and nutrition questions and concerns.


  • Approximately 60 minutes reviewing the disetitian’s written feedback on how to address your health status and how to begin your journey toward achieving optimal health.
  • You will be encouraged to prioritize your health goals and explore new ways to approach healthier eating habits and lifestyle choices.

Nutrition Coaching Packages
Packages are designed for clients that have completed their Initial Consultation & Follow-up Package and would like to make a stronger commitment to achieving their nutrition and health goals with continued professional support, education, and accountability. Approximately 30 minutes.

Grocery Store Tour
The tour is designed to provide you with the tools for success when shopping to meet your nutritional needs. During your store tour with our dietitian, you will learn how to read labels, how to navigate through healthy food choices, and strategies to avoid temptations.

For more information and pricing, please call 760.931.3171 ext 3132,                                                                                  or email

About Katie

Health Coaching

Health Coaching is an active and dynamic partnership between the coach and the client that helps the client move from where he/she is to where they intend to be. Each individualized program is based on the co-active coaching model that addresses the client’s whole life. Clients may choose to make lifestyle changes in different health and wellness areas including stress, weight management, smoking cessation, nutrition, exercise, managing a long term health issue, or planning and organization of an integrated health fitness program. The coaching process complimented by healing arts sessions including yoga, meditation, energy healing and stress reduction, leads to transformative changes within the client. The end result is a happier, joyful and more fulfilling life.

Coaching Services:

Individual Sessions: 60 minutes
Group Coaching Sessions: 90 minutes
Healing Arts Services: 60-90 minutes,  individual and group sessions including gentle, restorative yoga, meditation, energy healing, stress reduction
Corporate Services: Coaching and Healing Arts services are specially designed to meet the client’s needs.

Katie Di Lauro

Registered Dietitian Nutritionist

As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Katie brings her 14 years in the wellness industry, as an individual and corporate wellness educator. Katie…Read More