Group Fitness Member News May ’19 Group Exercise, Holiday Hours & Class Schedule

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Group Fitness Mother’s Day Schedule Sunday, 5.12.19

8:30 am SPRINT


9:10 am RPM

10:00 am BODYFLOW

10:00 am BODYPUMP

11:15 am VINYASA 2 YOGA


Memorial Day, Monday, 5.27.19

Group Fitness Schedule –

5:30 am RPM

8:30 am RPM


9:30 am BODYPUMP

10:45 am ZUMBA GOLD

10:45 am BODYFLOW

12:00 pm GENTLE YOGA

12:00 pm SPRINT


Springtime Women’s Qigong

DATE – Tuesdays, 5.21.19-5.28.19, No Class 5.7.19 & 5.14.19

TIME – 11:30am-12:30pm

LOCATION – Conference Room


COST – Complimentary to members

Unite with the vitalizing energy of Springtime through the rejuvenating Women’s Qigong practice for this season of rebirth and renewal.

Feel energized with specific dance like exercises for women of all ages – especially beneficial for women with menstruation challenges, perimenopause, & menopause.

Women of all ages and physical abilities are welcome.

You may stand or sit in a chair. This is an ongoing class, join anytime.


Roll & Release Schedule (Mind Body Studio)

Wed 5.1.19 A. 9-9:40am Wall Techniques

                       B. 9:45-10:30am Embodied Meditation

Tues 5.7.19 A. 5:30-6:10pm Lengthen the Spine

                        B. 6:15-7pm Hips

Wed 5.8.19 A. 9-9:40am Long Legs (Foam Roll & Strap)

                        B. 9:45-10:30am Hips Don’t Lie

Tues 5.14.19   A. 5:30-6:10pm Hips & Glutes

                             B. 6:15-7pm Hands & Feet

Wed 5.15.19   A. 5:30-6:10pm Breath to Core

                            B. 6:15-7pm Tension Taming Neck & Shoulders

Tues 5.21.19   A. 5:30-6:10pm Shoulder Work

                            B. 6:15-7pm Neck & Head Work

Wed 5.22.19 A. 9-9:40am Hand & Foot Care

                          B. 9:45-10:30am Back to Basics

Tues 5.28.19 A. 5:30-6:10pm Long Legs

                           B. 6:15-7pm Knees Deep

Wed 5.29.19 A. 9-9:40am Face to Jaw

                           B. 9:45-10:30am Knotty Knees