Introducing a Golf Fitness Training Program! News & Events

Jeremy Kneebusch is a Titleist Performance Institute Certified fitness professional and avid golfer. He is immensely interested in combining his fitness knowledge with the golf swing to help you get on the right track from a physical standpoint.


The program includes:

  • Movement assessment specific to the golf swing
  • 1-on-1 sessions designed to address any issues observed
  • Customized exercise plan functional to the swing to help you overcome movement restrictions, to create a more optimal swing.


Golf Fitness Assessment- $75:

  • Be evaluated using TPI’s Movement Screen- includes 16 different movement assessments
  • Results take you into a golf- specific exercise program created based on the assessments


   1 Session                5 Session Package

   30 min. – $55       30 min. – $250

   60 min. – $90       60 min. – $425


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