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10 Days of Building a Workout Circuit

By Makena Nixon and Georgi Gilbert

Get a jump start on the New Year with a workout that will leave your muscles burning, heart pounding and endorphins rushing. Whether you want to get back into a regular fitness routine or look your best for a big event, you will find the following exercises exactly what you need. These 10 exercises are excellent on their own, or altogether as a circuit for an energizing workout. Each exercise is designed for strength and functional movement training, and then once you compound them altogether you will incorporate the cardiovascular piece as well. Every exercise can be modified or changed depending upon your fitness level and capabilities by either following the listed suggestions or asking one of the available Fitness Specialists.


How To Create a Circuit:

Listed below are the 10 different exercises with variations. The goal is to first master each of the exercises, and then once you feel comfortable with them, it is time to put them together for the grand finale killer workout! You can choose between two circuit formats which will both rev up your metabolism, increase your endurance and boost your strength. 

First Circuit Format: This option is less cardiovascular focused and more strength enhancing. Go through the entire list of exercises 1-10, performing 8-12 reps of each exercise at your own pace. Complete the entire circuit of exercises 3-5 times through. 

Second Circuit Format: This second option is a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) format. As with the first circuit option you will go through the exercises 1-10 in order; however, this time it is based off of the clock instead of repetitions. Perform each exercise for 30-45 seconds, then rest for 10-15 seconds until you start the next exercise. Complete 3-5 rounds of the entire circuit of exercises. 

Day 1: Squats (body weight, TRX squats or sit-to-stands)

Day 2: TRX Triceps (or tricep extensions with a resistance band)

Day 3: Push Ups (on the ground or modified on a higher surface)

Day 4: TRX Rows (or rows with a resistance band)

Day 5: Walking Lunges

Day 6: High Knees (or standing high knee marches)

Day 7: Plank Hold (on the ground or modified on a higher surface)

Day 8: Mountain Climbers

Day 9: Bicycle crunches (or straight leg lifts-one leg at a time)

Day 10: Assault Bike 10-25 kcals

Now it is your turn! Have fun with it and push yourself! If you have any questions please talk to a Fitness Specialist or your Trainer about any exercise or how to build a circuit style that is right for you.