February Member of the Month News & Events

Congratulations to Monica, our February 2018 Member of the Month!   We were inspired by her determination and resiliency: she keeps taking on new challenges, and takes them on full steam ahead.

“I have been a member since the Center opened over 9 years ago.  There’s something for everyone here and that’s what keeps me coming back. I’ve tried other gyms in the past. However, I  have had the best experience here; I’ve spoken to other members and we all agree that instead of a cookie cutter workout routine like other gyms, we all complete different activities catered to our individual needs. Since I first joined, the team has really listened to me. Furthermore, I am constantly inspired to see others working out despite their health challenges. For me personally, I’ve had a hip replacement, double  knees replacements, as well as shoulder surgery.  I’m working with Jeremy Kneebusch to correct the way my body had become accustomed to walking, I am am now able to stand for much longer periods of time, climb stairs, and participate in various activities with much more energy. I love Fernanda’s Aquatic Fitness Classes. She creates a fun atmosphere with the Latin music and movements. Other class instructors are very accommodating and welcoming. They make every effort to include all members by recommending necessary modifications that helps keep everybody moving. With that in mind, I hope to return to Zumba class in the near future.  

Recently, I noticed a guest evaluating the Center and helped her feel confident in choosing Tri City Wellness due to the supportive environment; She is now a member. I enjoy sharing my journey of improved mobility with others. This is the first gym that I actually love being a member. I think of my dues as an investment in my future; It is a necessity that I cannot do without.  If I keep this up, my medical expenses stay down.  Furthermore, I am a Tri-City Medical Center Volunteer which reduces my rate. I have been injured at other gyms and this is the first one I have not been. I am able to get the support I need to safely and effectively work out; I’ve lost a significant amount of weight since joining and have kept it off.  Utilizing the equipment, attending a variety of classes, and continued work with Jeremy,  I feel confident that I will be able to reach my weight loss goal.”