February 2018 Aquatic News Aquatics, Complimentary Member Event

Did you know that guests may attend up to 2 complimentary Active Educations a month, including our Aquatic Department’s Demo?  Be sure to sign up with the Service Desk.   Please plan to get in the water for the most enjoyable experience each time.

Please remember to get your Class Pass for the regular Aquatic Fitness Classes from the Service Desk. This will help us avoid more than 22 people in the water at a time to ensure the best experience for all.   Thank you for showering prior to entering the pools,  it helps us maintain an optimal aquatic environment.  Showering afterwards also helps remove chlorine from the skin to reduce the chance of sensitivities occuring.

For more information about any of our Aquatic programs, Private Aquatic Training or Swim Lessons, please contact our Aquatic Coordinator at