February ’19 Member of the Month: Judy Heintskill Member of the Month

Congratulations to Judy, a nine year member!

Judy is very committed and passionate about working out and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You will find her on the fitness floor early every weekday morning.

Her other passion is caring for her endangered birds.  Magic is her stunningly beautiful Macaw and Tesla is a very verbal Golden Conure. Judy takes great pride in the efforts to save these endangered species.  She spends her free time educating people of all ages but especially children. She has visited our Kidz in Motion annually and shared her delightful birds and their tricks. Her visits are well attended and appreciated by children and parents.

Her Story:                                                                           

   Since a work injury to my back in 2006 it has been difficult to keep up my exercise program, but I am at the gym Mon. – Fri. I have developed a disease called complex regional pain syndrome that can cause amputation. It is where your brain never shuts off the neurological pain from my foot, to my leg and into my back. I had to find a gym that had qualified well educated people, like the trainers, rehab, heart if and when I need them. I needed a combination of hospital, water therapy, work out facility, classes, inside track, different size pools, and people of quality, who knew what they were doing. I have only found 1 place, and that is this Center. They have more than what I was looking for. It also has an awesome staff, unbelievable loving, caring people. I have not seen a better facility, with all the above amenities anywhere – I have lived in the Midwest, California, and New Hampshire.  We all are so very fortunate, to be members here. We all should be counting our blessings that we have such an amazing place available to us, and take pride in our Center. The staff, doctors, and our members are of the highest caliber of beautiful people ever. I am so proud to be a part of this family.

I have been able to keep myself fit at the top of my level, with all the help that our training staff has given me. If any of them see that I could do something better, they are right there helping me. I want to thank all of Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center, from the early morning openers, to the later staff, from the bottom of my heart. They always have a smile for us. You are all miraculous people, and I love you all.

Everyone: make a commitment to yourself to utilize this facility to the best you can, they are all so amazing.