Employee of the Month Feb ’20 Employee of the Month, News & Events

Amanda has been a valued member of our Service Desk team since July 2017.   She is currently attending nursing school at Palomar College, and while dedicated to her studies, she consistently opens the Center throughout the week.  Amanda is punctual, dedicated, and an important part of making our team succeed. Her attention to detail and consideration of member needs has created a welcoming presence not found in many who must wake up before the sun to be at work by 4:30 AM!

Members ask about Amanda when she is not on her usual shift and feel a personal connection with her due to, in part, her incredible ability to remember their names.  She greets her regulars by their first names and knows which classes they are here to attend. This furthers the sense of community the Service Desk and the Center as a whole seeks to create. Thank you Amanda for continuing to exemplify what it means to be an employee of Tri-City Wellness & Fitness Center, and provide an exceptional member experience!