Diversifying Your Workout, by Sandi Clexton, CPT Complimentary Member Event, News & Events

Are you looking to unleash your potential and fire up your workouts? Have you laid eyes on all the free standing equipment available and wonder…Where do I start or what else can I do?

Medicine Balls, Stability Balls, BOSU, TRX, Tubing, and Gliding Disks have all stood the test of time as effective training tools for overall conditioning. The key to its use is progression and regression based on the individual’s ability to successfully execute the exercise with proper form. The benefits to training with these tools are many.They can be fun, functional, and most importantly have the potential to reduce the chance of injury.

The good news is that no matter what phase of our lives we are in, we all have the potential to change. However, when we continue with the exact same training patterns over and over again, not only do we become functionally stagnant, but we also put our body at risk of developing an overuse injury.  Breath new life into your workouts and walk away with a basic understanding of how to incorporate these great tools Tri City Wellness has available.

Sandi’s offering a few demo classes this month to help you with ideas on how to use these functional pieces of equipment.  Sandi is an expert on functional training.  Her goal for you is to keep your workouts interesting and effective so you remain consistent with your fitness. She will illustrate and explain how adding these modalities can translate to functioning better in life.


Join Sandi for a complimentary Active Education  Demo this month!

Diversifying Your Workout

Dates: Wed. 2/21 at 5pm or Thurs. 2/22 at 9am

Location: Fitness Floor

Paritipant Maximum: None