December 2018 Fitness Article – 12 Days of Fitness News & Events

12 Days of Fitness

By Makena Nixon


It is December, the holidays are here, along with the additional parties, potlucks, cookies, gatherings, and last minute shopping hustle! Amidst all of the extra holiday chaos it is easy to put your workouts and personal health aside. Tri City Wellness & Fitness Center wants you to keep your health and wellness in mind this holiday season so that come January 1st you are prepared to kick off your New Year!


Day 1: Plank Challenge-Start this 12 days of Fitness with one of the best full body and core scorching exercise’s, the plank.Choose either a high or low plank, and challenge yourself to hold that position for 30-60 seconds, take a break and then repeat 3 time total.


Day 2: Squat It Out– Squats are an exercise people should try to incorporate into their lives daily. Some of the benefits include: increased lower body and core strength, maintains balance and mobility, prevents injuries, burns fat, and is overall a functional movement you need to be able to do throughout your life. Challenge yourself today to perform 100 squats! Maybe that is 100 squats straight, or broken up into smaller sets throughout the day. Additionally, it is okay to utilize extra support so you do not risk your form (use a TRX, table, or chair).


Day 3: Take a new fitness class– Grab a Tri City Wellness & Fitness class schedule, and find 2-3 classes that sound interesting to you and meet your current physical capabilities. See if there is one of those classes happening today and join the fun!


Day 4: Walk or Jog 3 miles today– Fit in some extra movement today, to burn those additional calories and decrease your stress from the hussle bussle. Intentionally set aside time either to go outside or at the gym for this 3 mile stretch!


Day 5: Push ups-Do a 100 push ups challenge today. You can either spread out the push ups throughout the day doing 10 in the morning, 10 during a break, 10 at lunch ect… or try to complete all 100 at one time. Additionally, it is okay to modify by using a higher surface or going on your knees.


Day 6: Hydrate Today-Make sure you are staying hydrated between the extra pumpkin spice lattes, peppermint mochas and alcoholic beverages at all the additional parties. Everytime you drink a special holiday drink try to consume twice that amount in water.


Day 7: HIIT Workout-Short on time due to christmas shopping, holiday parties and family in town? Fit in a short and effective HIIT workout that will get your heart pounding, calories burning and body sweating. Choose 5 exercises and perform them for 45 seconds, and then rest for 15 seconds. Complete all 5 exercises consecutively to finish one round, then repeat the circuit through for a total of 3-5 times.


Day 8: Hit 10,000 or More Steps TodayA typical sedentary person walks about 1,000 to 3,000 steps a day. With a little focus and determination, it’s easy to bump that number up to 10,000. If you hit 10,000 steps or more today you can proudly say you have walked 5+ miles (2,000 steps is equal to 1 mile). Steps can easily add up throughout the day if you consciously set walking reminders on your phone, park further away in the parking lot, walk during lunch, take the stairs instead of the elevator or go for a walking date with a friend instead of coffee.


Day 9: Talk with a trainer about setting up a workout program for the start of the New Year– Get started on reaching your fitness and health goals by creating a personalized plan with a trainer. Not only will having a program keep you on track but also the added motivation, accountability and expertise of a trainer will help you reach your goals at a faster rate.


Day 10: Sleep Well Often people emerge from the holidays feeling physically and emotionally fatigued due to the lack of regular sleep. Therefore, try to implement the seven to nine hours of sleep like we discussed in last months newsletter regarding the importance of sleep. Getting enough sleep will help maintain a strong immune system, joyful spirit and energy throughout the holidays and start of the New Year.


Day 11: Get in a Workout You Enjoy– Working out might be at the bottom of your to-do list when Christmas is days away; however, try and get creative. Turn your household chores into a workout to burn off those holiday calories. Or try indulging your competitive side by seeing how quickly you can clean up-mop, dust and vacuum. Throw in a few extra squats, planks, jumping jacks and push-ups in the mix too.


Day 12: Breathe and ENJOY the time spent with family and friends– The holiday season only comes around once a year, so slow down and enjoy the moments spent and memories made with those you love.