Connecting Hearts Series Mind Body, News & Events

When:  Sunday, 2/18 from 1-3pm   

Location: Conference Room                         

Early Bird (): $175/Members; $185/Guests

Regular Rate (): $199/Members; $210/Guests

Presenter: Monica D. Traystman, Ph.D, Yoga Instructor, Certified Health Coach

* Register by Thursday, 2/15 or online via link on

* Limited to 27 participants


This new 2 hour quarterly  series is designed for you to grow and expand your conscious awareness on mind, body, spirit levels through participation in group discussion and gentle yoga practice.  

1st hour: Group discussion will include topics to promote the benefits of health, wellness, philosophical concepts, spiritual and modern day thought from prominent teachers, ancient and modern.

2nd hour: Group gentle yoga practice will include different combinations of types of meditation, breathing exercises and, yoga poses that target body areas to increase flexibility, strength, stamina and endurance. Woven into the yoga practice will be techniques to reduce tension, increase calm, balance and harmony in your life.

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