“Stretching: Why, How and When?” Oct ’19 Fitness Article

  Stretching: Why, How and When? By: Amanda Wilson, CPT     As most of us know, regular exercise is a key…Read More

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“Training for Movement” Sept ’19 Fitness Article

  Training for Movement By Amanda Wilson, CPT   Most of the calories an individual will burn throughout the day are not…Read More

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Heat Related Illnesses in Conjunction with Fitness

  Heat Related Illnesses related to Fitness By Makena Nixon Even though we all love the sunshine during the summer months, it…Read More

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July ’19 Event Listing

  We have plenty of amazing opportunities and events for you to learn, grow, and stay in shape! Keep an eye out…Read More

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Does It Have To Be High Intensity To See Results?

  Does It Have To Be High Intensity To See Results? By Hannah Wilson, CPT Moderate-intensity continuous training (MICT) is characteristic of moderate…Read More

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May ’19 Fitness Article – Do You Experience Hip or Knee Pain from Time-to-Time, or Constantly?

By Makena Nixon, CPT, EP The hips and knees are utilized continually throughout the day. They allow you to sit and stand,…Read More

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