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Summer is coming, so get ready to turn up the heat and be ACTIVE with healthy meal alternatives at the Tri-City Wellness and Fitness Center Café!

We are kicking off the season with $5 Healthy Scrambles for National Egg Day on June 3rd.

On June 21st, cool off with a refreshing Peaches and Cream Smoothie on National Peaches and Cream Day for only $5!

Lastly, enjoy a taste of the islands with our Smoothie of the Month. The Tropical Sunshine Smoothie will be available for just $5 for the month of June.

Tropical Sunshine Ingredients – Orange Juice, Yogurt, Agave, Whey Protein, Pineapple, Mango, Peach, and Carrot

Here at the Tri-City Wellness and Fitness Café, we hope to provide you with an array of delicious and nutritious treats this Summer!