Aqua Training


Aqua Training

Often over-looked and under-utilized, Aqua Training is a unique and effective form of exercise.  Different from swim lessons, where the focus is learning to swim or learning different stroke techniques, Aqua Training focuses on movements in the water to improve strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular fitness.  Our team of professional aqua trainers will take you through personalized workouts, in a private or small group setting, to help you achieve your goals.

Take your workout to the water and experience all the benefits of water-based exercise.

  • Lower impact than land-based exercise, helping reduce stress on joints, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Great for beginner exercisers, injury rehabilitation, weight loss, arthritis, etc.
  • Resistance in all directions of movement, offering the opportunity to improve strength more efficiently and in all movement patterns.
  • Resistance in water is proportional to the effort one exerts against it. This allows you to adjust the tension or stress with a movement simply by changing the speed of the movement, or by using items like webbed gloves or floats.
  • Water pressure in the pool improves blood circulation, helping to reduce blood pressure and improve the efficiency of the circulatory system in general.

Aquatic Fitness FAQs

What is Aquatic Fitness Training?

Aquatic Fitness Training is working with a certified Trainer using omni-directional resistance and buoyancy equipment to obtain strength and cardiovascular gains.

What is unique about Aquatic Fitness Training?

Aquatic Fitness training allows us to strengthen the muscles surrounding the joints symmetrically because there is resistance in all directions of movement. Every direction that the muscles can move helps the limbs become equally balanced in strength and flexibility. It is very possible to move the limbs through their full pain-free range of motion without the fear of falling. Strengthening the core stabilizers becomes automatic when the exercises are done correctly and with proper posture. You can work as hard as you would like because the water will meet your resistance and there will not be the delayed onset of muscle soreness.

How does training in the Hydro Worx differ from training in the other pools?

They are very similar given that you can receive a wonderful strength and cardiovascular workout in the water. The Hydro Worx has the underwater treadmill that can reach speeds from .1 – 8.5 mph. We can run in the other pools or use a flotation belt to work on running. The underwater cameras in the Hydro Worx help us see the client’s gait to help with any corrections that might be needed. There are powerful jets in the Hydro Worx that can be used as resistance for interval-style workout or provide a form of hydro massage. The bars in the Hydro Worx can be moved to several different positions to accommodate many needs. The Hydro Worx has a zero depth entry while the lap and warm water multi-use pools have lift chairs to assist you if the stairs are not a good option.

Who can benefit from Aquatic Fitness training?

Actually, everyone! With the ability to move freely without the fear of falling or twisting an ankle, it is easy to work on muscle strengthening, agility, core stabilizers, and cardiovascular exercise. It makes for a great cross training exercise for those that are working on land or wanting to avoid muscle plateauing. If you are simply trying to increase your endurance to perform your activities of daily living (ADL’s) or compete a marathon, the water is a wonderful place to walk or use a flotation belt to run. If you have a neurological condition, the water is a safe place to practice the movements that are needed for your ADL’s. The first athlete to use the water to his advantage was Joe Namath, American Professional Football Quarterback from 1965-1977. You can work as hard or as easy in the water as you would like and still benefit from your time spent there. Working with an Aquatic Trainer is the best way to “get your feet wet” in the water until you become familiar with the exercises that meet your needs.

How do I participate in Aquatic Fitness training?

Please contact Holly O’Neill, Aquatic Coordinator, at holly.oneill@activewellness.com or let our Service Desk know you are interested, and one of our nationally certified Aquatic Trainers will contact you.  It would be our pleasure to help you reach your goals using the benefits of the water!


Aqualogix Fitness Training offered by Master Trainer

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