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Aquatics Active Education program will be making a time change. Beginning in January, the workshop will start at 12:30 on the 3rd Friday of each month.

Active Education Buoyancy ‘Sink or Float’

Date- Friday 1/18

Time- 12:30pm

Location- Warm Water Pool

Presented by- Holly O’Neill, USWF Certified Instructor

The amount of buoyancy exerted on a body is determined by a body’s specific gravity.

Specific gravity varies greatly among humans because people have different amounts of muscle mass, body fat and bone density.  Although the ability to float on the surface of the water depends on body composition, individuals can make adjustments to improve their buoyancy.

In this Active education we’ll explore different techniques to maintain proper alignment while doing suspended movement in the pool using various floatation equipment.

Join Holly O’Neill,  USWF Certified Instructor and Department Coordinator as she helps you to work with your ‘specific gravity’ in order to maximize your aquatics experience.  Please plan on getting in the water.

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Help us Welcome Holly O’Neill, our new Aquatic Coordinator!

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Holly O’Neill has been working in the fitness industry for over thirty years.  A native New Yorker, she moved cross country in the late ‘80’s, and has been enjoying life in southern California ever since. She holds a National Aquatics Certification through the United States Water Fitness Association, as well as Silver Splash, Silver Sneaker Classic, BOOM Muscle, BOOM Move, BOOM Mind, and Roll Model.

Holly specializes in working with clients in the Hydroworx underwater treadmill, Buoyancy training, and Senior Fitness. Her aim is to help people feel their best and avoid injury through mindful movement and knowledge of how their bodies work. The water is the perfect environment for a safe and effective workout, as the buoyancy takes jarring impact away while the resistive properties of the water help to strengthen muscles.

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