Aquatic Member News April ’19 Active Education, Aquatics

We will no longer be offering Aqua Orientation effective 4.1.19

While we will be discontinuing Aqua Orientation effective 4.1.19, we are always here to support you with your aquatic questions. If you have questions regarding the aquatics classes, or would like information on the pool area in general, please contact Aquatics Coordinator Holly O’Neill at and she will be happy to assist you. We look forward to seeing you pool-side!


8am Aquafit Classes will be cancelled on Tuesday 4.30.19 & Thursday, 5.2.19

The Hydroworx pool will be undergoing a mandatory rebuild starting Monday, 4.29.19 with an estimated completion date of Friday, 5.3.19.  In order to accommodate the physical therapy patients who will be missing sessions that week, we will be cancelling the 8am Aquafit classes on Tuesday, 4.30.19 and Thursday, 5.2.19 to allow this group to utilize the Warm Water Pool for private therapy sessions. We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your understanding.

Aquatic Active Education: Lane Sharing 101

DATE – Friday 4.19.2019

TIME – 12:30-12:50pm


PRESENTED BY – Holly O’Neill, Aquatic Coordinator

COST – Complimentary

Have you ever left the gym without swimming or water walking because you weren’t sure how to share a lane with another swimmer in a full pool?  

This is your opportunity to learn 2 different ways to share a pool lane: splitting the lane or circle swimming.  

Find out the difference between the 2 methods and how to make it work without bumping into your fellow swimmers or water walkers.

Be ready to swim or walk a few laps to get the hang of it!

For more information contact

Complimentary, 15 participant max,  please register at Service Desk.


Pool Etiquette

Please remember that the Aquatic area is a ‘shared use’ space open to all levels.

Lap Pool

When lap pool lanes are in use, lane sharing is  required with other swimmers or water walkers. Walkers should share the shallower lanes, swimmers share deeper. If you’re coming into a lane, check to make sure you are at a comparable ability level to the person you will be sharing with.  

There are 2 ways to share the lane:

  1. Split the lane
  2. Circle swim

Splitting the lane means each swimmer stays on one side of the lane. To Circle swim, you follow the rules of driving and stay to the Right side. You should only stop to rest at the end of the lane and stay to the right corner of the lane to allow your fellow swimmer room to turn.

Water walkers/ exercisers are welcome in the lap pool.  If you plan to swim laps and the pool is empty, please leave the shallow lanes free for those who might come later wanting to do a walking workout.

Warm Water Pool

When classes are in session, the pool is reserved for the class. Those attending class are required to get a pass at the Service Desk to ensure that no more than 22 people are in the pool.

During open swim the pool is multi-use.  Please leave the shallow area open for those who want to water walk.  For those wanting to float and socialize, please stay in the deeper area and to the sides of the pool to allow room for others to do their work out.  

Deck/Locker Rooms

Be sure to shower off before entering the pool areas to remove any lotions or perfume that can alter the chemical balance of the water.  Dry off upon exiting the pool to avoid leaving puddles that can cause slippery floor surfaces.

We appreciate everyone doing their part to maintain a safe and effective workout environment!

For more information contact Holly O’Neill, Aquatic Coordinator at: