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Aquatic Active Education: Pilates in the Water

DATE – Friday 5.17.19

TIME – 12-12:20pm

LOCATION – Warm Water Pool

PRESENTED BY – Celica McInvale, Lead Aquatic Instructor

COST – Complimentary

“Pilates focuses on the torso, referred to as the ‘powerhouse,’ and concentrates on developing strength in the abdominal muscles and lower back. Strength in this area is believed to improve overall balance. Since the torso is instrumental in maintaining good posture and alignment, all movements are structured around the stomach, hips, lower back, and buttocks. All movements initiate here and flow to the extremities. Practicing Pilates in the water is an ideal medium for developing trunk stabilization.” Mary O. Wykle, Ph.D

We will perform the basic mat exercises developed by Joseph Pilates in the water. You will learn how to use the side of the pool, as you would a Pilates Mat, to reinforce the “Powerhouse” surrounding your torso.

Celica will also be teaching advanced aqua pilates moves that utilize a Flotation Belt/ Noodle at the center & deep end of the pool for an increased challenge.  

Please plan on getting in the water with us.  

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Complimentary, space is limited, please register at Service Desk.