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Water Power Kick Event with Celica

Join Celica for a kickboxing-inspired Active Education which features an excellent cardio workout while challenging the core with intense interval training. This class will focus on kicks that move the legs in all directions to target all major muscle groups in the lower body. You’ll burn lots of fat and calories! All fitness levels welcome.

Event will be on Friday, September 20, from 12-12:20 pm in Lap Pool Lane 1.

Complimentary, 15 max, register at Service Desk.


Swim Technique Training Clinic

Mondays & Wednesdays, 9.4.19-9.30.19 from 4-4:55pm (Lap Pool)

Learn how to advance your swimming strokes, breath control and endurance with this fun and individualized workout taught by Lisa-Anne.

Program fee is $240 for members and $300 for guests and is twice weekly for 4 weeks (8 sessions)

*Must be able to swim complete pool length to participate. 4 client minimum, 8 maximum.

Register here or contact our Aquatics Coordinator for further details: