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How is Aquatic Exercise beneficial for people with Parkinson’s Disease?

It is said that Parkinson’s is the second most common age-related neurodegenerative disorder and over 7-10 million people worldwide live with this disease. So let’s look at some benefits that our Warm Water Therapy Pool can provide. The following information has been sited from the American Parkinson’s Disease Association, Inc booklet on Aquatic Exercise.

The multi-directional resistance of water helps to maintain or enhance muscular strength and endurance even with gentle movements. Water walking, deep water movements and swimming can be great endurance activities. The viscosity of the water helps strengthen and dampen the tremor/spasm effects. Even performing yoga poses in the water can be very beneficial to developing coordination, balance, range of motion, increase stability, and reduce pain.  The continual adjustments to the dynamic aquatic environment heightens the body’s awareness that can enhance posture and motor control during walking. There is such a freedom to move without the fear of falling that makes this aquatic environment fun and rewarding. Along with all these benefits, there is also the social interaction that helps reduce feelings of isolation and depression. Before you know it, your sense of well-being increases and aquatic exercise becomes a part of your regular routine.

Please join us for our Aquatic Active Education on “Benefits of Aquatic Exercise for People with Parkinson’s” on Friday April 20th, 12-12:30pm. This is a complimentary educational event that you can participant in by getting into our Warm Water Therapy Pool. Please sign up at the Service Desk.

“CJ’s Aqua Burn” is a new Aquatic Fitness training that will be held on Saturday mornings at 9:15 in the lap pool. We will be using the Aqualogix Fitness equipment to enhance the “aqua burn”. All equipment is supplied and will be held April 21st to May 12th. This four week training is only $80. Please sign up at the Service Desk, space is limited.

“Swim-N-Slim” is a new 4wk training that will focus on burning calories through interval style swimming drills. It will be held Saturday mornings 9:15 from May 19th to June 9th and the cost is $80. Please sign up at the Service Desk, space is limited.

If you have question about these programs please contact our Aquatic Coordinator at or attend our Pool Orientation held every Monday at 3:30pm in the Aquatic Office.