April 2018 Member of the Month Medical Integration, News & Events

Congratulations to Gary who joined the Center last Spring, participating in our Mi Diabetes (now called Mi Strength) program. Last June we officially launched our Mi Neuro for Parkinson’s program and Gary was our very first member. According to Gary, “Susan Webster’s dedication to helping those with Parkinson’s is the reason I am here. My daughter did research on Parkinson’s programs in the area and she found Susan. Susan is my biggest advocate and because of her I would recommend Mi Neuro for Parkinson’s to anyone. Because of Susan and her team’s outstanding efforts I am honored to provide testimonials, participate in the photos for the brochures and help promote Mi Neuro any other way I can.”

We asked Gary to tell us his experience and results from the Mi Neuro class. He told us, “The Mi Neuro for Parkinson’s program is great, it combines exercise and nutrition information which are the common denominators in slowing the progression of Parkinson’s. The group participation is helpful because the other participants are going through the same problems. When I joined the program I was in the early stages of Parkinson’s and because of the program my Parkinson’s is balanced and I am still in the early stages of Parkinson’s. ”

Gary is a wonderful advocate for Mi Neuro. Numerous members have approached Gary to ask for his opinion and advice when it comes to the program. Gary has played a major role in encouraging many Mi Neuro members to join the program, and stick with it. It could be his 30 years of sales and marketing experience with Hewlett Packard, where he retired as the VP of Sales and Marketing, or his A+ attitude that makes him so approachable. Whatever it is, we are glad to have Gary on our team.

Gary and his wife Judy come to the Center 4-5 days per week. Gary attends Mi Neuro class on Tuesday and Thursday, Parkinson’s Dance on Wednesday and comes one other day to do weights. Judy always comes with Gary, and while he is in classes she works out. Judy also likes to participate in aquatic fitness classes.

Next time you see Gary be sure to give him a big congratulations!