Aqua Member News July ’19 Active Education, Aquatics


All Pools will be closed for Maintenance Purposes on the Following Dates:

Saturday 7.27.19-Sunday 7.28.19


Ai Chi 

Join Suzy Bohling in the warm water pool for an Active Education session focusing on Ai Chi.

Ai Chi is performed in the water about chest deep and uses breathing techniques with progressive resistance, training to relax and strengthen the body. There are 19 movements, or katas, performed while breathing at a rate of 14-16 breaths per minute. Six of the katas are based on Qigong with the rest originating in Tai Chi Chuan.

The session will be in the warm water pool on Friday, July 19th from 12-12:30.

Please register at the Service Desk.


Meet, Swim & Save

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*One package per member, not combinable with other offers, new clients only.


Group Aquatic Fitness Schedule – Thursday, July 4

7 am Aqua Fit                 10 am Aqua Motion

8 am Aqua Fit                 11 am Aqua Fit

9 am Aqua Fit                 12:30 pm Aqua Lite

                                          1:30 pm Aqua Motion