6 Week SPRINT Swap Challenge Complimentary Member Event, News & Events

High Intensity Interval Training helps you get fit and lose body fat- fast.  Your body keeps working long after your 30 minute workout has finished.  According to the most recent 6 week Les Mills study, those who replaced 1 RPM class with 2 SPRINT classes experienced a 5.8% body fat decrease, and a 9.7% cardiovascular fitness and 11.9% leg strength increase.  Turn up the heat on your workout with this low impact, high intensity option!  Recommended for those with an established fitness base.  

Here’s how to participate:


  1. Do the above class swap for 6 weeks straight, between 8/6-9/30
  2. Have a Fitness Specialist upstairs check + record your body fat percentage before you start your first cycling class of the challenge
  3. Have a Fitness Specialist check + record your body fat percentage at the end of your 6 weeks
  4. Sign in on the Challenge Check In Sheet at each SPRINT class you join
  5. All who complete the challenge will be entered to win a prize!